Kwasi’s Story

Kwasi is 12 years old and is gifted in playing both the saxophone and the bassoon.  He has excelled in being accepted into the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) junior section where he is ideally supported in developing his musical skills both through the teaching he will receive and playing opportunities.  Unfortunately, the bassoon that Kwasi was using was of poor quality and permanently malfunctioning with the result that it was really holding back his development at what is a critical time in his learning.


Bassoons are not cheap!  A quality student instrument was out the reach of the local music service and Kwasi’s parents so following appraisals The Matthew Nicholls Foundation stepped in to provide the right bassoon to ensure the talent that Kwasi has is able to be built upon in the right way.


Kwasi’s parents are hugely supportive of nurturing his talent and we wish them all well and look forward to keeping you updated with his progress.